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The Lowdown on the Boogie Down | The Rival | April 2, 2016

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Oscar Wilde once said,

“Our ambition should be to rule ourselves, the true kingdom for each one of us; and true progress is to know more, and be more, and to do more.”

Individuals who aim to master this mission of self-betterment define the culture of Fordham; a culture of diverse minds, colorful personalities, and insatiable souls. Fordham is our vehicle, facilitating this undertaking of self in unique ways for each of us.

To begin profile week, the team at the Rival wanted to call to mind individuals that, to us, manifest “Cura Personalis” – people that bring Fordham to life with an appetite for progress, and a desire to actively improve themselves and others everyday. From the stage to the court, behind the scenes to (literally) the driver’s seat, these individuals represent each of us in some capacity. It is our hope that their shining faces (cast in the utmost ~dramatic light~), along with their wild achievements and ambitions inspire you to rule your own kingdom.


all photos by the one, the only, Nathan Tibbetts 

RivalProfile1 Matt Rogacki (’16): This senior never stops moving. As President of the programming board Flip Side, Global Outreach Leader, a Rose Hill Society Ambassador AND an employee of the Undergraduate Admissions office, he has his hands in every corner of campus, constantly giving back to the place he calls “his Ohana.” His infectious giggle has sound-tracked the past four years of his Fordham journey, the “best four years of his life,” as he wholeheartedly dedicates himself to his academic and extracurricular involvement. “To be honest, I think that the Fordham community has had more of an impact on me than I’ve had on Fordham. This place and this community has taught me a lot about myself. I’ve gotten involved because I like to meet people. I like to be around people. Fordham has shown me that.”
Sarah Murray (’17): This Gabelli Honors Program Student and Ram Van driver never ceases to forget the magic that is Rose Hill. Sarah is a conversation starter, a people person. By no surprise, this extrovert claims that “most times, you can find [me] striking up conversations with prospective students….even though RHS didn’t accept me. I seek out future students and families……I even offer my email. I love Fordham.” Sarah is someone who makes an impression on all she meets, leaving them with a dose of her kind personality and warm smile. She is a treasure of the Fordham community, one of the few Ram Van drivers that demands your conversation, and one of the hardest workers we know. RivalProfile7
RivalProfile4 Hans Lueders (’16): Never at a loss for words, Lueders, President of the Black Student Alliance President, Committee Chair of Student Democrats and an anchor for Fordham Nightly News, has deeply embedded himself into this microcosm of the Bronx through his words and actions. A self-proclaimed “thunderbolt,” and a natural-born leader, activist, and poet, Leuders wasn’t shy to admit,C’mon, who the hell hasn’t heard of me?” (He makes a point). You can often find him patrolling campus with his signature headphones playing his signature soundtrack “The Life of Pablo,” (in tandem with running the world). Hans never stops lending the Fordham community his rhymes, confidence, and leadership; he is an artist in every sense of the word.
Sam Farnum (’16): As Leader of Fordham Experimental Theater’s Improv Troupe, Stranded in Pittsburgh, senior Sam calls himself a “mechanical pencil” – always sharp, to the point, quick. We asked Farnum what he wanted his mark on Fordham to be upon graduation: Stranded in Pittsburgh’s approach to improvisation is so deeply collaborative – and it has been since I can remember – that attempting to mark the influence of any one member is extremely difficult. Our team certainly has a signature creative inertia, but as the artistic director of the troupe for the last 2 years, I’ve just kept us focused on building  that inertia. Whatever specific motions we’ve explored along the way have born out of a tightly knit group mind, not the designs of any particular individual.” Fordham sure is thankful for Sam’s personable smile, charisma, and quick wit, and entrusts within him the authority to create masterpieces. (Subtle plug, Stranded in Pittsburgh’s next show is April 22, 9:30 PM in the BLACKBOX) RivalProfile5
RivalProfile9 Paola Joaquin (’17): Giggling as she admits that “Pocketful of Sunshine” speaks to who she is, junior Joaquin brings her sunshine to every piece of Fordham that she touches – Queen Midas, if you will. Joaquin adds that, “over the years, I’ve learned to appreciate Fordham for what it is. As someone born and raised in the Bronx, I see Fordham not only as a University, but something that affects people who live around  the University. I see Fordham as a growing point for myself and others – for all the students here.” As the Vice President of the Commuting Students Association, a  Senior Week volunteer, and an avid athlete in Fordham’s Intramural sports teams, Joaquin is constantly on the move, dabbling in just about everything with a constant smile. (Not to mention, she was 1/4 of the team that ran the heart of the orientation program this past summer). Paola is loved by commuters and residents alike.
Manny Moss (’17): Perhaps one of the most iconic faces of the Fordham Football Team, this defensive lineman’s booming voice and equally sizable smile makes his presence palpable for all those that encounter him. Be it on the field, in the studio with WFUV, or outside The Blend, Moss only seeks to give back to the school that his given him so much – his home. He considers his football career the highlight of his time as a Ram, crediting his teammates and his coaches immensely for his success.  “Football has been a great experience. My freshman year, 2013-2014,  was one of the best in Fordham history. Those are my brothers. I love the team, the field and the game.” Fordham loves Manny for always being himself, unapologetically; friendly, confident, charismatic, and accepting of all. RivalProfile6
RivalProfile10 Alexandra Miceli (’16): A living embodiment of “Fifth Avenue to Fordham Road,” senior Miceli has spends her days buzzing in and out of the city, soaking in as much of the fashion world as she can. From the moment she joined the MODE staff to her current position as the Editor in Chief of MODE Magazine, Miceli says, “I really love showcasing other people’s talents, and giving them an outlet to be in the spotlight. So with MODE, we were able to give students the opportunity to be shown with their talents. It’s a very rewarding process.” Alexandra is a warm spirit with an artistic eye, who’s leadership skills are clearly highlighted in the success of MODE’s recent publications, both online and in print. We at the Rival see it only fit that a woman who lives to showcase others, gets her own time in the spotlight.
Sal Cocchiaro (’17): The Gabelli School of Business is blessed to be under the command of someone who really has it all together. As Vice President of the United Student Government, Dean’s Council Chairman for Gabelli, Business of Sports Society member AND College Republicans member, Sal invigorates the atmosphere with his passion for improvement, opportunity, and chance. “Fordham is my home away from home. I’m a regular guy from New York City, I’ve always loved school, but i have always felt its more about learning, its about growing socially, and seeing other people as people, working towards goals together and not competing. Deans council, before I got involved, was mostly just responding to concerns the dean brought to us, volunteering at admissions events and having more of an interactive role. We’ve completely flipped it on its head, and transformed it into a more proactive, initiative driven vessel for student change within the school.” With a passion to improve and an unmatched enthusiasm for life, it is clear that Sal is a true embodiment of Cura Personalis. RivalProfile8
RivalProfile11 Katerina Lisitsin (’17): This Member of the Fordham Swim and Dive Team, Nicaragua GO trip member and Fordham Marketing Association member also doubles as a high fashion insider, her bubbly persona matching her blonde tresses day by day. “I’m a social media intern at Marchesa this semester, but without Fordham, I wouldn’t have had half the experiences I’ve had these past three years. Fordham means everything to me because it gave me so much of what I didn’t know I needed— friendships, opportunities, experiences, passions and love.” She credits this University for empowering her to follow her dreams. Fordham is graced by the style, beauty, drive, and dedication of this athlete by day, fashion emblem by night.
AJ Golio (’16): AJ Golio, former president of FET and GO board member, embodies what we consider to be a true Jesuit through and through. A man of humility and grace, AJ Golio is not someone people forget. Ironically enough, his name is often chanted in a loud, obnoxious fashion (“A—J—-GO–LIO ((AJ GOLIO))) by his loved ones, as he stands and listens with a peaceful disposition. Anyone who has been an audience member for one of AJ’s Standup bits or a member of his GO! NOLA team can attest to the fact that Golio, the comedian, writer, poet, and astute Jesuit, is one of a kind. “I want to be remembered for my role in the theater community. It’s something i care about a lot, and hopefully had a hand in shaping during my time here. Fordham is my home. It’s a place of rest from the craziness of the city.” RivalProfile12
RivalProfile13 Makena Masterson (’19): Having only been a Ram for a handful of months, this powerhouse didn’t hesitate to mark her territory here at Rose Hill. A Fellow of the Compass Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program For Business and a Fordham Sailing Team member,  freshman Makena giggles as she talks of this new place she calls home that “pushes [her] to achieve more.” Her love for sailing is matched by her business ambitions and dedications to philanthropy. “I have a company called SNOX – I sell socks and donate all profits to charity. I met some kids at orientation on the first day this year, and they’ve called me ‘Socks’ ever since.” Well, Miss Makena, they’ll know your name now…we sure do.

Ariana Cipriani (’17): A self-proclaimed “whisk in the kitchen of life,” junior Ari-Cipri never expected to fall in love with Fordham as deeply as she has. As Co-Coordinator of Peer Health Exchange and a Global Outreach Detroit participant, Cipriani is able to marry her love for service with her passion for the Fordham and greater Bronx community. “Well whenever, I get the ‘what kitchen appliance are you?’ question, i always say whisk, ya know, to whip things up….. so in the kitchen that is life, I am the whisk. Ironically, I have my own cooking class for underprivileged students in the Bronx. It’s super rewarding, teaching kids about nutrition and the kitchen, and mental health.” “Ari” – yea, we’re on that level- has one of the most compelling personalities of anyone at Fordham. Her smile engages you the second you meet her. Fordham is lucky to have a woman of service and grace represent the student body.

RivalProfile14 Jack Murray (’16): Senior Jack Murray is the quintessential Fordham personality, checking items off his Fordham Bucket List like it’s his job. As a Resident Assistant, The Chair of Senior Week, a member of the Student Advisory Council AND a Ram Van driver, Murray’s nostalgia for the place he calls home explodes with each day approaching graduation. “Fordham is the place that i was really allowed to become myself and gave me the courage to become myself. If I were to name myself as an inanimate object, I’d absolutely be a window. a window; I can’t completely explain it. You can see through me, I’m a transparent person…. I  like to help people see the beauty in other things that they have trouble seeing themselves.”

Colleen Granberg (’18): Colleen Granberg is a lightning bolt of energy, gracing Free Pizza Sketch Comedy on stage and the Mimes and Mummers backstage with her contagious presence and energy. It is Granberg’s dream that “they rename Collins to Colleens. That would be a simple, easy change that would make me feel like I left my mark here.” (We stand by you, Colleen.) Anyone that meets Colleen knows just how pervasive her smile and friendly demeanor truly is, and how much of a pleasure it has been to have a ray of light shine through our community.

RivalProfile15 Frank Chapparo (’17): A personality both on air and off, Nighttime News Anchor at WFUV and former USG senator Chapparo is someone you can count on for a bit of wit and wisdom. “Fordham means to me, just, what’s that kid that was on all the TV’s in caf? ‘Going out and doin’ stuff….’ that’s me. I’ve been going out, trying new things, doing different stuff, and you know? Fordham’s the only place you can do that. I’ve been at the radio station, the UN…..just stuff.” Chapparo is never afraid to voice his opinion, showcase his suave closet or toss a smile your way.
Tots Malloy (’16): Loretta, affectionately called “Tots,” has made Fordham her oyster. As the Executive Comedy Committee Co-chair of Cab (that’s a mouthful)the Executive Communications Director of RHA, AND the President of the Fordham Club, she epitomizes what it means to really be involved. She’s a familiar face, with lips stained by her signature deep lipstick. As President of Fordham Club, she helps address issues of campus culture and student academic lifeWho better to spearhead such a select group of individuals, all chosen for their influence in extracurricular endeavors? Most importantly, she is the first to throw a smile and wave your way as your both meander through campus. The Fordham community is grateful for your generous smiles, and unstoppable dedication to bettering our school everyday.  RivalProfile18
RivalProfile19  Carolyn Chadwick (’16): Though best known for her behind the scenes work with he Mimes and Mummers as the Master Carpenter, senior Chadwick is a class act. (P.S. She designed the amazing set of Kabbarett, if you happened to catch it). When she isn’t taking the theater world by storm, you can find her whipping up dynamite latte’s at Rodrigue’s. We asked Chadwick what she wants her mark to be upon graduation, to which she emphatically responded: “I like to think I’ve left a mark, at least in my little world. When I first came to the Mimes and Mummers, I was the only girl on the crew, people were shocked i could use a drill. I quickly became the master carpenter and now the crew is almost exclusively women. throughout my time as MC, even on my last show, Cabaret, a few select men still consistently tried to tell me how to do my job, I’ve had drills taken out of my hands, I’ve had my designs mansplained to me incorrectly, they’d try to correct a mistake that wasn’t there. I don’t want the women succeeding me to have to fight for credibility the way I did, I want my mark to be talented, fierce women working together, having a blast, kicking ass, and taking names. and being kind in the process! Because what good is success if we can’t celebrate it together?” Carolyn is a sparkling gem in the Fordham community, lending a warm, large embrace to friends and strangers alike.
Alright, take it easy. We’ll get to you later in the week. RivalProfile3

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