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Get RAMMED | The Rival | May 11, 2016

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The Rival is a digital opinion, commentary, and satire publication comprised of a network of college campuses. We publish bracingly creative, authentic, and intelligent content with a focus on general interest and campus news, entertainment, and college culture.

Our mission is simple: to bring authenticity, modernity, and community to campus media, and in turn, ignite a dialogue that inspires thought and conversation.

People are naturally inclined to ask what our beat is. That’s the thing about The Rival. The DNA of this start-up was assembled to defy the infamous beat. That’s what we love about this platform. We now have a medium to substantiate creative stimuli and to develop our own identity, unique to our campus culture.

We opened with #sexweek, polarizing the community of Jesuit Fordham by speaking on the ever unholy topic of sex. We dabbled in the political realm, contributed a few thinkpieces, and hit a hotspot with #profileweek. It has been quite the experimental process. We dared to start the dialogue- the dialogue that stirred up all sorts of emotions. In 2016 alone, The Rival Fordham was read by nearly 10,000 users and has received 40,000 page views. We’ve got your attention, be it good, bad, or a mix of the two.

We are entering Fall 2016 with a refined vision. After assessing the constructive feedback from the surveys, we believe to have come up with a formula for next semester that will help The Rival Fordham thrive. We are looking to serve a niche that institutionally run newspapers, simply by nature, cannot; one that allows for boundary-pushing and creative liberation.

Before anything like this can happen, we need your help. We are reaching out to expand our team.


We want someone that loves to write. Beyond that, we want someone who is really good at it, too. We want to truly bring together the best of the best at Fordham to create weekly masterpieces. If you hate what we’ve done so far, then good. Do it better.

If you are someone that is doubting your time availability, take a lot of time to consider. This would require of you about 1 piece per 2 weeks (though the extra time presupposes the content and quality is thoroughly panned out, important, relevant, and edited), bi-weekly meetings, and a LOT of self-discipline and communication. If you do not want to write on a deadline, reconsider. Write freelance, contribute at your whim. We won’t hold it against you. More than anything, we want to garner a loyal readership, and create a community of people who love to write and are passionate about PERFECTING every piece, down to apostrophes. We want someone who will give a shit about every article on the website; someone who realizes that every piece is a reflection of the team as a whole. We want someone who will put The Rival on their everyday radar and will try to proactively make this the best it can be.


We want someone who breathes Fordham. Beyond that, we want someone who’s heart beats to the rhythm of the Bronx, the music of Manhattan. Strategists serve as The Rival’s eyes, ears, arms, and dancing legs. Our social media aesthetic and presence, weekend fundraisers, advertising, Facebook post boosting and sharing, campus campaigning and Google Analytics maintenance make up the Strategist Bible. We are looking for a team of dedicated marketers, party planners and image-branding brainiacs. Readership doesn’t just depend on content alone; it is vital that the execution of content is up to snuff as well. That’s where you come in. Being a Strategist will also offer opportunity to pitch stories, assist on photo and video shoots, work closely with other Strategy teams across the nation and Headquarters, and push The Rival to be the very thing every Ram (continues) to talk about. We have dreams of a Rival Fordham Snap-chat, fundraising make-your-own pizza dinners at Pugsley’s for our followers, concept videos, collaborations with local businesses, giveaways… the list goes on. And we want, and need, your love for Fordham + NYC to make those dreams come true. A proficiency with  Google Analytics is preferred, but a social media suaveness is a must.  We want to expand The Rival’s image to be as synonymous with the Fordham world as we possibly can, and if you consider yourself a marketing maniac, hit us up.

Application is below; direct any questions to If you would like to inquire about contributing in a different capacity (graphic design, video, photography, etc.) or if you are interested in freelancing, please forward ideas to and