One Show, Many Laughs

“One Man, Two Guvnors" this weekend in the Box.

The Lowdown on the Boogie Down | Christian Eble | April 14, 2016

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Fordham Experimental Theater 

takes on the comedic classic

“One Man, Two Guvnors.” 

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 5.20.08 PMSome context: The show was made famous by James Corden, who led two sold-out runs (West End and Broadway) of the show, and won his first Tony Award in the title role of Francis Henshall. It begins in the British town of Brighton, where Francis Henshall (David Schillinger, ‘16), desperate for a job, ends up employed by Roscoe Crabbe, a small-time gangster from London. However, it turns out that Roscoe is really his twin sister Rachel (Mary Kate O’Toole, ‘17) in disguise, and that Roscoe was murdered by Rachel’s boyfriend Stanley Stubbers (Michael Guariglia, ‘17), an upper-class criminal. To make matters worse, Stanley is also hiding out in Brighton and waiting to be reunited with Rachel, and coincidentally employs Henshall as well. In order to keep both his jobs, Henshall must keep his two guvnors from discovering each other and unraveling this comedic web. This show also contains a great deal of audience participation and improvisation, so if you’re in the front row, get ready.


Friday, April 15th, 8pm
Saturday, April 16th, 8pm
Sunday, April 17th, 2pm

All photographs by @NATHANTIBBETS

David Schillinger 

David Schillinger (’16) delivers a knock-out performance as the lead character, Francis Henshall. David’s comedic timing and improvisation are seamlessly interwoven and very impressive to watch.

“AJ’s pitch was awesome because he wanted a big ensemble show and he told us that there would be a lot of improv, which I wanted to do, so I auditioned. The cast has so much freedom and we could basically do whatever we wanted in improvising with the audience and each other, which was amazing.”- David
Vanessa Agovida, who plays a brilliantly sassy and sexy Dolly.
“My first lead role at Fordham was in a zany British comedy, ‘The 39 Steps’ with the Mimes and Mummers. So ending my college theatre career on another British comedy feels very full-circle. Being in this play has been bittersweet for me, as a senior, but ‘Guvnors’ is actually a wonderful last show to be part of because it’s so funny and unapologetically joyful. It’s hard to be sad when my cast-mates crack me up at every rehearsal.”- Vanessa 
Billy Tsadilas, Jake Benoit, and Pat Hood

Katie Dolan (‘18) leads an amazing three-piece band that rocks famous British hits during the scene changes of the show. 

“In the original West End and Broadway productions, an original score was performed in between scenes of music that sounded like it would’ve been performed by a skiffle group in 1960s England. AJ and I talked and decided it would be more fun for the audience (and the band too) to have the score instead be fun songs that people would recognize. So, I spent my break perusing the UK Top 100 charts from 1958 to 1963 to find songs that would both work in the context of the show and provide the audience with a pleasant little break while scenes got set up.” 
Teddy Lawlor

Mary Kate Glenn (‘17), who assistant-directed the production and has previously acted in a production of One Man, Two Guvnors before, also sat down to comment.  

“I’ve actually been in this show before, and when AJ initially picked it, I thought it would be too complicated to do, but I think we really made it work. The show has been really collaborative and it’s been such a joy to see everyone working together. [AJ and I] have watched the show so many times, and every time we see it it’s so much fun and a delight to watch.”
Jake Benoit

The director at the helm of this uproarious production is FET vet AJ Golio (*cue infamous AJ chant*), who said,

“I chose this piece because, well, the script is absolutely hilarious. BUT it also fit a framework for theater that I had wanted to try for a while. I really wanted a collaborative space for theater with the cast, one where everyone was able to contribute to the vision and our decisions came as a group. The play is such a joy, and watching these hilarious characters come to life and watching them interact and improvise has been a blast. We did a lot of non-script rehearsals like improv workshops, and that was absolutely the right choice and the most fun choice.”
Gavin Barba, Abby Gibson

Head on down to the Black Box this weekend to witness another FET comedic juggernaut. The entire cast and crew deliver a show that’ll make you fall out of your seat with laughter.

One Man, Two Guvnors is presented by FET and features: David Schillinger, Mary Kate O’Toole, Michael Guariglia, Erin Kiernan, Teddy Lawlor, Vanessa Agovida, Billy Tsadilas, Pat Hood, Jake Benoit, Abby Gibson, and Gavin Barba. It runs approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. Show dates are April 14-16 at 8pm and April 17 at 2pm in the Black Box.