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“Information Systems”

  • Watch the Gap: A Future Fordham Staple

    Last week, I had the utmost pleasure of sitting down with the two Fordham seniors that conceived, planned, and executed the Fordham art exhibit, 

  • Leicester City FC: A Disney Original Movie

    They are a soccer team in England. Their nickname is the Foxes. FC stands for Football Club (the kind of football you play with your feet). The correct way to pronounce Leicester is “Lester.”

  • #ProfileWeek: Freddy the Barber

    Early in my first semester at Fordham I desperately needed a haircut. The weekend was right around the corner, and I needed the girls at Tinkers to give me the time of

  • I Love Barry Bonds

    Athletes make me think, man. They make me think about why my muscles aren’t as brawny as theirs. They make me think about what it’s like to run out to the roar of t

  • A Primer on Apple vs. FBI

    Fordham’s professors have gone rogue. As of late, a handful of my professors have deemed it okay to ask off-topic questions. How about you stop treating the pre-planned curriculum like

  • #SexWeek: The Quintessential Guide to Dirty Talk

    Alright guys and gals-- listen up. Sometimes…when you’re in the SACK…you want to spice things up a little bit, right? Listening to the bed creak while you avoid eye contact during missionary is