The Prince (of) Arthur

The Lowdown on the Boogie Down | Evan O'Hara | March 30, 2016

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Have you been searching for your Central Perk of the Bronx? Do you feel entirely unwelcome in Rodrigue’s (possibly stemming from that time you mispronounced its name, but most likely from the time you walked in and received blank stares)? Maybe you’re just struggling to focus inside of the Fordham Rd Starbucks because the people watching is too good. Have ever you found yourself wondering why The Blend Cafe has not once lived up to its name in your time at Fordham? Maybe you’ve had it with the whipped cream can of lies Dagger Johns imposes on your wannabe frappachino. Or perhaps you’re just not trying to get your coffee from the same place you get your fish.

Well look no further, friends! We here at the Rival have searched out the Instagram-bait cafe of the Bronx that will make even your Manhattan-snob friends jealous: Prince Cafe, Arthur AvenueEvan10

Fordham’s newest gem, born just a few weeks ago, is Prince Coffee House. It’s a fresh new spot neatly tucked away in our very own Bronx neighborhood, but we promise you, it’s genuinely worth the hunt. Walk all of the way down Arthur Ave, and when you think you’ve gone too far, keep walking (unless you hit Rite Aid, then you were right, you went too far).

Evan7Prince took the place of a hardware store that had called this corner home for nearly 50 years. We spoke with the manager and store owner, Ernesta, who explained a little bit of the history behind the cafe. Although the Eastern European influences make it stand out among traditional coffee shop types, don’t be fooled, the shop is actually a part of a small chain of 12 started in Kosovo. We here in the Bronx have been blessed to be the first foray into not only the US, but also NYC. When asked why the Bronx, Ernesta made it seem simple, “the spot just felt right.”



Clockwise: Prince White Ball, Peanut Bar, Hazelnut Delight, Plis, Prince Chocolate Bomb, Fig Roll (center)

We’d have to agree. With its deceiving size (make sure to check out the basement when you stop in), you can get the intimacy of a coffee shop, with the openness of a street cafe. The staff is eager and willing to help, lending in-depth explanations about their homemade pastries and drinks. Ernesta recommends their most popular seller, the macchiato – and we promise, it’s not your basic Sbux drink. 

Geared up with free wifi, Prince Coffee House might just become your favorite new homework hot-spot. It’s the perfect place if you’re looking to grab a coffee on your Thursday afternoon GO! one on one, or your Saturday morning walk home from St. Barnabas.

HOURS OF OP: 7 am-11pm 


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