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The Lowdown on the Boogie Down | The Rival | April 14, 2016

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On Wednesday, April 13th, USG held their official “Meet the Candidates” event. All prospective USG officers were in attendance, both contested and uncontested. The candidates were all well-versed, articulate, and well-qualified for the respective positions they are running for; they all possessed a good dose of potential, grace, and swag. However, after assessing the platforms and attending the debate, we at the Rival decided to back the candidates whom we perceive will be ideal representations and leaders of the student body at large. In the midst of elections today and tomorrow (polls close Friday 5PM), this article serves to endorse specific candidates for the four contested tickets: President/Executive Vice President, VP of Student Life, VP of Operations, and VP of Health & Security.

(The link to vote is at the end, fam)

President and Vice President

Endorsement: Daniel Stroie (GSB ‘17) and Elisha Simon (GSB ‘17)

These guys are running on two main pillars: USG Visibility and Student Unity. Envision a student government that you could look to for answers on all issues. With Stroie and Simon, you’ll get an open-minded duo who will do their very best to involve each and every Fordham student, not just the club hardos.

For instance, toward the end of the debate last night, Stroie vehemently argued for incorporating non-traditional clubs (like The Rival, what’s good) in the USG’s branding strategy for next year. No longer will USG appear to be a stingy student club that adheres to the requests of “the man.” Rather, USG will involve itself directly with student life in order to provide a platform for students to voice concerns and act on legitimate impulses.

As Mr. Stroie put it, “USG has a visibility issue, with most students not even knowing who we are and what we do. We want to reach all students and make sure that their voices are heard.”

Watch their campaign video here:


VP of Student Life

Endorsement: John Kuyat (FCRH ‘19)fda1ac49-c52f-4e6b-b958-c5b9e5847f76

A current Senator involved in USG, this FCRH candidate is definitely going places. This past fall, he tackled multiple initiatives, such as working with the library to try to get an online system in place to reserve a study room. While this hasn’t been accomplished quite yet (stop refreshing my.fordham you fucking library nerds), we will for sure be hovering on the brink of academic greatness with Kuyat on our side. We know we’re not the only ones who bring boxing gloves to the library in order to take over the study room in the Russian Literature section.

This past fall, after reading about the high level of student stress and negative psychological effects that comes hand in hand with that stress, John took it upon himself to try to work with the administration and public safety in order to have therapy dogs on campus. This initiative, unfortunately, did not come to fruition. While we may have a plethora of seemingly hyper-fertile cats lurking on campus, past animal related incidents and lawsuits (Scandal! We want to know more!) made this initiative unrealistic. However, John’s forward and out-of-the-box thinking really inspired us at the Rival. Regardless of this setback, John is still looking for alternative programs to combat student stress levels on campus.

He isn’t giving up on fixing the problem he first identified, but rather is finding new solutions.

John has explained that stress relief on campus is at the forefront of his campaign, stating, “Although the failure of the therapy dog initiative was hurtful, I do hope to find more pragmatic ways of relieving student stress on campus…It scares me to see the statistics of college students suffering from depression, stress, and anxiety. This fear is what motivates me to further this initiative.” On the surface, it may appear as if this failure is the candidate’s biggest weaknesses, but persevering, to us, proves to be one of his greatest strengths in character.

John Kuyat? In our humble opinion, you’re going to rock this shit. You’ve got our vote.

VP of Operations

Endorsement: Doug Spring (FCRH ‘17)Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 4.55.30 PM

Oh man, Doug’s just a great guy isn’t he? It seems like he’s always involved in the next big Fordham campus activity. We don’t know how he does it. Who better to control the operations of our school’s clubs than a man that hasn’t given in to the fickle mistress that is rest just so his peers would have a more enjoyable experience?

Doug has been on RHA for two years, and he’s currently a FCRH 2017 Senator and Operations Committee member. Put your sunglasses on before peeping his resume, ja feel? The main thing he wants to accomplish as VP of Operations is “to ensure that the clubs on campus are strong, active, and diverse enough to accommodate generations of Rams to come.” Upon hearing that eloquent statement, we could not help but put our hands over our hearts and hum the national anthem to ourselves. Real talk though, with Doug you’re going to get a real person, someone that’s going to look out for the student body at large, and treat individuals fairly no matter what.

VP of Health & Security

Endorsement: Kathryn Susko (FCRH ‘17)c9cd1a66-61d3-4c0f-9f38-bc80433d57c0

There’s nothing “sus” about it;

See what we did? No? Ok.

In other news, we believe that Kathryn Susko would make an excellent VP of Health & Security. She’s currently a Senator in USG, and is in the Navy ROTC program.

The state of security and contentment we have at Fordham is due to the hard work of the VP of Health & Security. One of Kathryn’s biggest concerns is Fordham’s readiness for a security situation involving an on campus shooter. She believes we need to execute an active shooter drill on campus. This may seem like it wouldn’t be terribly complicated. But, seeing as we are in a larger community, facilitating such a drill would require informing all of the surrounding area that the drill isn’t an actual emergency situation (to prevent panic from ensuing.) As Kathryn puts it, “…the visibility of this kind of drill in an urban area is a huge problem because people might think it’s real. We need to make it very well planned out.”

This project takes commitment, and Kathryn has demonstrated that she’s up to the task. She is clearly well-versed in professionalism, as demonstrated by the fact that she’s already spoken with Senator José M. Serrano from the South Bronx in regard to planning a drill like this. This conversation resulted in securing wallet-sized information cards for students, which will be passed out soon. An admirable trait of a leader is someone who knows when she needs a second opinion, and Kathryn’s comfort in reaching out to such an authority figure immediately impressed us.

Kathryn Susko is kind of a badass, and we would trust our health and overall security with her any day.

So quit tweeting your grievances, and vote for a candidate that will be able to facilitate change in an effective and efficient manner. USG is for the students of Fordham, and it’s time we start giving them the attention (and appreciation!) they deserve.

You can’t really go wrong with any of the candidates running. There are no ruthless Kevin Spacey’s here, and no one is going to screw you over next year by crushing your Spring Weekend blackout plans. While you can’t vote wrong, you can vote informed. You should vote for the best candidate available, and we’re confident that our aforementioned endorsements will pave the road towards greater success for Fordham undergrads next year.

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